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Week Four- PAC-12

Pac12 UCLA (-21) at CU (57.5)Pac12 DUCKS (-6.5) at WSU (56)Pac12 at CAL (-3) AZ (49)Pac12 USC (-6) at ORST (69)Pac12 UTAH (-15) at ASU


CHIP: Go Ugly Early (BGSU Dog +17) 54 ptsNotable: Kosher Jews (Okla -11 4stack) 41 pts CHIP: #BreakfastWithNoHog (Rice Dog +11) 45.5 pts CHIP: Bruin

Week Two= Mountain West (El Monte)

Friday Kickoffs at UCF (-6) LVILLE (61.5) *MWC* BSU (-17) at UNM (44.5) Saturday Kickoffs at ARK (-9) SCAR (53) at OHST (-44) ARKST (68.5)

Week One (Almost) Complete

This post comes out ahead of Clemson/GT game on Monday night. That game’s stats break out as follows: Game picked 27 times overall for a

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